Economics - Job prospects and opportunities

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Economics - Job prospects and opportunities

Banks offer good job prospects for economists. La-Liana / Pixelio

The economics are next medicine to the top fields of study in Germany. This attractive study offers a variety of good job prospects.

Worth knowing about an economics study

  • For a successful economics studies, which later offers the students good job prospects, it is essential that the candidate has already during his training period at the high school high marks especially in mathematics, German and politics.
  • Economists study requires, inter alia, a serious demeanor with respect to the exterior, the clothes of life and overall demeanor. Codes of conduct, as described in Knigge, the applicants should not be alien. Because often later economists also be invited to business lunches and other professional events.
  • For later successful business deals with foreign business partners, the budding economists should make in advance acquainted with the culture, the customs and the mentality of other countries.
  • The clothing style of a budding economist who wants to do an economics degree with good job prospects should be tended conservative. As a high-quality black and dark blue suit with a tie in men and a fashionable costume in women may not be missing. Here one should not shy away from certain financial investments in ordinary clothes.
  • The hairstyle of workers in the economy should be stylish, well maintained and attractive. For men the daily Beard shaving is essential.
  • Particularly in the field of economy, which may also include an activity in politics, a good Vita is necessary. In any case, you should a show can "clean" criminal record and a good deal as applicants. Especially when you're working in a higher or even public position later, the economist can not afford a faux pas.
  • Languages ​​are an essential skill for an economist. The English must be perfectly mastered in spoken and written. Other languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish are of great advantage. Also, a longer stay abroad has a positive effect in the Vita.

The economics studies and his job prospects

  • After a successful economics studies graduates have several options. Particularly large business enterprises, banks, insurance companies, but also the policy is very interested in well-trained economists.
  • Job titles as Business Develop Manager, graduate economist, product managers, policy advisers, politicians, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager are typically in the range of graduates of Economics study with good job prospects.
  • With the background of a successful economics studies one also has a self-employed good job prospects. For example, it is possible for business magazines journal article to write about specific topics on an independent basis.
  • If you graduated from journalism in addition to the economics study a double or second degree in the area, good job prospects for a career as a business journalist are realistic.
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