Eels incense without smoke house - so it goes

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Eels incense without smoke house - so it goes

Eels you can easily burn incense itself. Thorsten_Freyer / Pixelio

prepare a large cardboard box for smoking

If you do not smoke house or no smoker, you can smoke in a prepared cardboard eels also easy.

  1. To smoke the eels, first you need a large cardboard box. Now glue all sides of the carton with tape to.
  2. Now draw on the upper side of the cardboard a rectangle and cut it into a box cutter 3 sides of the rectangle, so that you get a flap.
  3. Following which you will pay on the right and left side of the box a hole puncture.
  4. Now insert through the holes a metal rod.
  5. Now also you have to cut from the bottom of the box a small rectangle.

incense The eels in a box

Now that you have prepared a box, you can it easy to smoke your eels.

  1. Hang for smoking out the recessed and washed eels on the positioned in the cardboard metal rod.
  2. You must then cut flap seal with tape.
  3. Once you have taped the box, you must enter the smoking meal in a disposable grill pan and ignite this. Read on the packaging instructions on how much smoking meal you need. The amount varies depending on how much you want to smoke eels at once.
  4. Now you need to smoke the eels about 90 minutes in your homemade smokehouse. When the eels are golden, they are done smoked and can be taken out of the smokehouse.

The eels can now serve as a whole or can be cut into small pieces served on a buffet.

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