Effective against fleas - so you get rid of them

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Effective against fleas - so you get rid of them

Flea control - so your pet feels comfortable.

Several effective strategies and means against fleas

  • A flea comb, you should always have in the house. This is a comb with very narrow tines. You get it in any pet supply store. Continue with the flea comb through your pet's fur - when it caught small wriggling brown creatures, they have found it. If there are only a few fleas, comb your pet every day with the flea comb - and kill the fleas in soapy water. Sometimes this enough.
  • Fidgets, however "vielbeinig" in your flea comb, you need comprehensive strategies. Then you can assume that the fleas are in all stages of their development in the fur and around the preferred berths - and perhaps have already distributed in the whole house.

An effective remedy for fleas - without chemicals

An effective remedy for fleas is Kieselgurpulver. You will receive the funds in natural products stores. It is completely odorless. The fleas are dehydrated by the Kieselgurpulver and die. The agent is also effective against eggs and larvae (incidentally also against mites and ticks). Diatomaceous earth is extracted from diatoms and is completely safe for humans and animals.

  1. Distribute the Kieselgurpulver in the fur of your pet - even against the grain, so it comes down to the skin. Your animal then looks indeed totally dusty, but the fleas do not survive.
  2. Dust you the berths and possibly their environment. Your cat put prefer a light cloth over the layer of dust - cats do not like to lie down on crumbly, dusty surfaces. The remedy for fleas is still effective.

Chemically effective remedy for fleas

If you go with your pet because of fleas to the vet, he is likely to use a fast-acting chemical agent. Flea in liquid form - they are called "spot-on products" - are in the neck of the animal in the fur dripped (on the skin) and are distributed in the coat. It is important to ensure that the application is carried out at a location that can not reach the animal. Cats are very agile. The only place they can not reach with their tongues, the game is just behind the head - neck.

  • With these funds, it is advisable to treat the environment and the berths also with an effective means against fleas. For this purpose use insecticide sprays or special sprays against fleas.
  • Prophylactic You can also create a your pet flea collar.

Elimination of fleas in the entire household

If other animals living in the household, or are in close contact with your pet, these animals should receive an effective remedy for fleas. Fleas are very volatile strong guy and can be very quick to change the host. Use sometimes even human host, but can not hold permanently.

  • Clean the berths of the animals carefully - enter a piece of a flea band in the vacuum cleaner bag - otherwise the fleas live merrily in your vacuum cleaner. Or discard after sucking the vacuum cleaner bag immediately.
  • Wash all bedding, on which you fled plagued favorite is like, with the highest possible Temperaturen.Das is also an effective way to tackle remaining flea larvae.
  • You can treat carpets, sofas and everything else with a steam cleaner. Such treatment is a safe "Off" for fleas in each development status.
  • Carefully wipe all smooth floors - the strips.

If your animal had fleas, after a worm treatment is recommended. Fleas transmit tapeworms. Stay alert - flea larvae can be up to half a year to survive in the carpet or in other places. If they occur again, you may have to repeat the whole procedure again. I wish you success!

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