Electronic Battleships - Instructions

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Electronic Battleships - Instructions

Play "sink electronic ships". Helga_Hauke ​​/ Pixelio

A "Electronic Battleship" works on the same principle as the one you play on paper. Use the manual which explains the game from tcm, you will not get quickly.

How an electronic Battleships

The game "electronic Battleship" of tcm is divided into two areas. One side is blue, the other red. Each player thus has its own color. There are on each side different keys that have different functions. Among letters and numbers to enter the coordinates; an enter key which confirms the input; a language selection button and the on / off switch. To start the game, you should follow these steps:

  1. Turn "electronic Battleship" one, in which you slide the On / Off switch to the left.
  2. The computer prompts you to set a specific ship. He called the player's color and the name of the vessel.
  3. Now put this ship to any location.
  4. Enter the coordinates and confirm them with the Enter key.
  5. The computer asks the players take turns to set on, until all the ships are placed.
  6. Now you can play by alternately enter the target coordinates and confirm.

sink Instructions for the game ships

If the well-known "Battleship" know on paper, you will not need any further instructions, because the electronic is based on the same principle:

  1. At the beginning of each sets its ships. It does not matter if you are placed vertically or horizontally. However, the ships must not touch.
  2. It is helpful if you still paint on a plan where you identify where you have already executed shot and whether you chose.
  3. Players will alternate shooting. If a player hits, he can still shoot as many times until it is no longer true.
  4. Does the game no one ships, shoot the best so that you always leave a box. This saves ammunition.
  5. If you have sunk a ship, mark on your aid plan around the ship the areas, so you know that you no longer need there to shoot.
  6. You have won if you have first to sink the fleet of your opponent.
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