Elektronennegativität - an explanation

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Elektronennegativität - an explanation

The electronegativity in the periodic table.

Meaning of Elektronennegativität

  • The Elektronennegativität is another term for the electronegativity and EN abbreviated. This value is shown in the chemical periodic table of elements and indicates how strongly an atom is working hard to maintain the electron binding per se.
  • The electronegativity in the Periodic Table decreases from the first to the seventh period from and from the first to the seventh main group. Noble gases in the eighth main group do not seek to form bonds, take up or release electrons. This is the reason why they have no Elektronennegativitätswert.
  • Is the Elektronennegativität very high, such as the fluorine, so this atom, electrons belonging to another atom with lower electronegativity attempts to bind to itself.
  • If the difference between the electronegativity of two atoms is calculated in a chemical bond, it can be predicted from the size, the type of binding.
  • Makes one atom to several other atoms bonds from so characterized the electronegativity is affected. Taking one of the binding partners of the electron bonds very strong in itself, so does the formal electronegativity of the other binding partner, the thus fewer electrons are at disposal to with respect to the other binding partner.
  • If an atom of a particular element even positively charged, the electronegativity of this atom is higher than that of a neutrally charged atom. If an atom is negatively charged, so it has been an excess of electrons, the electronegativity is lower than that of a neutral atom.

Meaning of electronegativity in bonds

Calculate the difference in Elektronennegativität of the elements that are involved in the chemical bond. Use this value to determine the type of bond.

  • If the difference is greater than 1.7, then there is an ionic bond. This is the case with salts, such as NaCl or KF.
  • If the difference is greater than 0.4 and less than 1.7, then there is a polar bond.
  • If the value, however, be greater than 0 and less than 0.4, then the atoms in a covalent bond.
  • A covalent bond is present when the electronegativity will be 0. This is the case with bonds between two atoms of the same element.
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