eliminate moss on the roof - so go ahead

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eliminate moss on the roof - so go ahead

Moose can be gently removed.

Moss need not always be removed

Remove Moose not too early from the roof and not having to brutal means, because you should know the following:

  • Greenish lining on the roof is algae. These algae are not a problem because you will damage neither the tiles nor escape through roots by this. This covering must not be removed! It depends on your taste and your attitude to this, if and when you remove the green from the roof.
  • Mosses and lichens form pads on the roof and can thus hinder the outflow of rainwater. An effect that is desired in the roof, because as "flooding" can be prevented. Moose sitting firmly on the roof may prevent the sewer overflows eg during heavy rain.
  • As these pads can also detach, there is a danger that these accumulate in the gutter and clogging them. The same applies to moss cushions that grow into this. At the latest, if you have moss not only on the roof, but also in the gutter, you must eliminate the moss on the roof.
  • Remember your approach that the moss, the roof can not damage, improper cleaning but some can cause harmful. Although mosses, algae and lichens sit in cracks and pores of the roof, but pierce your roots not in the lining of the roof. A strong water jet from the high pressure washer will damage the surface of the roof, making this rough and thus offers fouling more space. In other words, not the plants damage the roof, but the hard to clean.

Proper removal of the green stuff on the roof

Preliminary note: thinking when working on the roof of your security. Do not move on the roof without appropriate safeguards, such as roof ladders and straps. The roof can be very slippery at work.

  • If you want to clean the roof with a pressure washer, be sure to spray only from the top down, otherwise permeates a large part of the cleaning water to the roof, where it can cause considerable moisture damage.
  • Since the cleaning with a pressure washer roughening the surface of the roof, the roof should be coated plug because otherwise the moss starts much faster. Plan best this coating right after cleaning a.
  • Chemical agents for cleaning the roof you can muster with a pressure sprayer, as offered for decades to disinsectisation gardens. With an appropriate extension of this is even possible from below. These agents act for a long time, the roof will gradually clean. If the coating is not so thick, you can clean in this way the roof without a lot of work and do not have the comfort level.
  • Thickness of moss will not disappear if you sprinkle them with these agents. They die and fall off the roof, if sufficient gradient exists. This can lead to the gutter, and even the downspout clogged. For this reason, they have to eliminate the moss cushion mechanically by lifting with a spatula and discard. If they are already relaxed, they can turn away the moss with a broom.
  • Copper sulfate kills mosses, lichens and algae on the roof from, but it harms many microorganisms. used in moderation, but it is quite acceptable. Copper strips that you place along the roof ridge together with the acid rain water, forming this material and wet the roof permanently with traces of it. With galvanized gutters you may not use this band, unless the channel is additionally painted. The copper ions would bring the zinc and the underlying steel to corrode.

Technically, it is sufficient, from time to time thick layers of moss mechanically (broom, spatula) to remove and otherwise to let nature take its course. The rest is simply a matter of taste.

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