Elstar apple - so succeeds in horticulture

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Elstar apple - so succeeds in horticulture

Many apple trees fertilization is not a problem.

To cultivate the Elstar apple

  • Elstar is a high yielding and palatable apple variety, which is often planted not only in commercial cultivation, but also in the private garden cultivation because it is easy to cultivate. The Äfpel mature in September and are storable in a good storeroom until into February.
  • Planting and care of Elstar apple (and its variants) do not exhibit specificity towards other apple varieties. When buying a uniformly grown plant with clear crown form. Most Elstar is offered as a standard tree.
  • For planting is autumn or early spring offer. Plants in containers can be set even later with some care.
  • Place the tree in a location that provides enough space for further growth.
  • If the top of the apple sapling essential cantilevered be as the roots, you can
  • Raise sufficient planting hole out, you water it thoroughly, insert the apple tree and cover it with soil. It makes sense, to a fixed plant stake to protect the small tree in the early years of wind breakage is.
  • Join the Earth easily fixed and make a watering trough. In dry periods, the young tree needs to be watered, so that the fine hair roots easily combined with the ground.
  • An annual neckline to tight upright branches is required. Also, excessive fruit stand should be thinned so as to avoid Astbruch or small apples. therefore Cut smaller apples after fruit set.
  • Another note: As all the apple trees is also Elstar not self-pollinating. So you absolutely need another apple tree near (or the neighbors), which provides for fertilization. It is not so important to what kind it is, but only that it blooms at the same time. Another Elstar for fertilization, you should not plant, however, cross-pollination is preferable because of the quality of the fruit. In areas with many apple trees but this should be no problem.
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