embarrassed acacia wood on the terrace - how it works

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embarrassed acacia wood on the terrace - how it works

Acacia wood you can lay out.

Acacia wood for the terrace is a very robust timber that is ideal for outdoor use. Of course acacia wood for sale in various forms. As would be the first planks of acacia wood. But even in tile form, there is this commercially. The extent to which you use what form, is up to you. Below you is to show the extent to which represent the differences in an installation.

embarrassed acacia wood for the terrace as floorboards

  • When moving acacia wood on the terrace boards, you need of course first a clean surface. This is indeed present in most cases already as finished concrete slab.
  • On this you have to build from wooden slats a frame which is bolted to the floor. This framework should remain open at the front. Then, you must also use in the frame struts from these wooden slats and screw. Here, of course, pay attention to the laying direction of acacia boards. If these elongated postponed the battens must be laid across, and they are laid across the battens must be laid longitudinally.
  • To ensure a perfect water flow, the wooden slats should postponed elongated, and thus the acacia boards are mounted in a horizontal laying. Between the planks a few millimeters space should be left for a perfect water drainage can be ensured.

With tiles of acacia wood, a relocation is easy

  • One of the easiest linings on your patio is tiled from acacia wood.
  • These have on your back, a plastic grid which ensures for a transfer that a water flow is optimally guaranteed.
  • These tiles can be easily into one another click to move this.
  • This means that you ideally need is a clean surface a concrete floor to lay the tiles. The plates can be tailored as required using a cutter knife to the correct size.
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