embarrassed vermiculite properly - how it's done

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embarrassed vermiculite properly - how it's done

Dress fireplaces with vermiculite.

use vermiculite as insulation

  • Natural mica schist is first processed into granules and then pressed into sheets. This can be used varied in your home. Compared to other insulating materials has Vermiculite many advantages. So it does not rot, against fungi and vermin resistant and non-toxic. In addition, much less dust is released during processing than with other materials.
  • Make sure that you always wear closed clothing and a face mask when handling vermiculite. The processing should take place only in areas that are not cooler than 10 degrees.
  • You can vermiculite both as heat, and use sound. After you have applied a deep primer to the plates to reduce the absorbency, you can change the look quite easy about it tiles, for example, apply paint or wallpaper. So why not even use vermiculite instead egg cartons for the music room?
  • Cut the panels using a circular or hand saw to the desired level and set it to the desired location. For bonding you should use special Vermiculitkleber. Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel on the plate and press the plate against the wall. You should then plates with coarse threaded ended screws - fix even further - for example, wood screws. The screw length must be at least twice the plate thickness.

renew firebox liner itself

  • Have your fireplace in continuous operation? Experts recommend that the combustion chamber lining is replaced every three years. This you can easily do yourself. Even if you want to change from firebricks on vermiculite, this is no problem.
  • Tells the furnace lining cracks and is already the metal carcass underlying visible, you must install a new liner. Vermiculite is a poor conductor of heat, so that you can reach with the plates a higher combustion temperature than with firebricks. In addition, the plates are usually cheaper to procure. Look for Chimney Repair kits; these include fire protection boards in various dimensions.
  • Take out the old records or the stones. Since they are not bonded, which is very fast. If your fireplace has had mineral boards, you need the measurements transmitted only to the new plates. Are necessary cutouts, you can do this using a drill and a handsaw. You should then with a file edit all corners and sharp edges burrs.
  • Now put the plates in reverse order back into your stove.
  • Make the future that you do not vigorously throw the pieces of wood into the furnace in order not to damage the fire-resistant panels. Since the surface of the plates over time becomes brittle, they must be replaced periodically.

Vermiculite is the material of the future, because it is completely natural and completely harmless. He is usually a lot less expensive than other insulation or fireproofing materials.

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