emphasize concrete floor - so succeeds's

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emphasize concrete floor - so succeeds's

A concrete floor can be easily deleted.

A concrete floor in the garage, in the basement or on the balcony you do not necessarily provided with a floor covering. Often it is enough simply to emphasize the concrete floor. There are special paint for floors. With a little groundwork, you can then easily remove your floor itself.

To emphasize your concrete floor

  1. If the appropriate color are concerned at the hardware store, you must prepare the concrete floor before painting once. If necessary, remove any old paint residue with a high pressure cleaner. If it is new concrete floor, this should be at least 6-8 weeks to cure before you can paint it.
  2. Clean the concrete floor now thoroughly from any dirt. If everything is dry, cured and clean, the soil is pretreated with a solvent-based deep groundwater. After the deep groundwater is applied, must be dry this 12 hours. Only after the concrete floor has solidified and absorbent and can be deleted.
  3. Glue from all points which are gotten no color. And dilute thereafter, for the primer, the floor color with 30% water. With a roll of the color mixture is then spread evenly on the concrete floor. Fashion here from back to front toward the exit, so you do not have to walk through the fresh paint itself.
  4. If, after about 3-4 hours all dried, you can swipe a second time. For this you should use undiluted Fu├čbodenfarbe. Again with the paint roller to highlight the color now generously onto the concrete floor. It is best to emphasize first crisscross and at the end in straight lines across the floor to really optimally cover all points.
  5. Is also this layer dried, you can apply a sealant as required, which in turn should dry very well before you remove the tape and can use the floor as usual. A seal is particularly important for concrete floors in outdoor areas, so that the soil is protected from the weather.

If you are not sure which floor paint is suitable for your concrete floor, get some advice in your DIY store. Even in the choice of colors you can vary, it may not always be a gray ground, adjust the color easily in the room.

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