emphasize plasterboard ceiling - so it goes in the bathroom

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emphasize plasterboard ceiling - so it goes in the bathroom

A bathroom renovation has its own rules. Petra_Schmidt / Pixelio

When painting a plasterboard ceiling, you must consider some

If you want to emphasize your drywall ceiling in your bathroom renovation, you naturally have to remember that this ceiling must be processed differently than plaster ceilings in other rooms. Since your bathroom is a wet cell with drastic temperature changes, you must follow some important rules when painting the ceiling.

  1. Sweep the front of the White plasterboard ceiling thoroughly.
  2. The joints between the gypsum boards and at the transitions to the walls to fill with silicone.
  3. Flatten the silicone in the joints with a rubber joint. The joint rubber moisten beforehand please spiked with soapy water.
  4. After again sweeping the bathroom ceiling to emphasize this before with Deep Primer. Use this to Quast.

Enhance your bathroom ceiling with latex paint

  1. Thus, the pores of the gypsum boards are properly closed, you paint the ceiling a second time with deep groundwater.
  2. After drying, you emphasize the plasterboard ceiling with primer paint. Use it please the paint roller.
  3. When the primer paint is dry, please enter the first time the latex paint on the bathroom ceiling on. The corners and edges swipe a paint brush and the rest of the ceiling with a paint roller. After applying the latex paint please wash the ink roller and the brush out thoroughly because residual paint dries in roller and brush, making the two coating tools unusable.
  4. If the plasterboard ceiling not be covered properly after the first coat, then highlight this a second time with the latex paint.

The easy way to renovate your bathroom ceiling.

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