enable AirPrint

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enable AirPrint

Mir AirPrint you can wirelessly print directly from the terminal.

Requirements for using AirPrint

To use AirPrint, you must have certain conditions.

  • First, you need an Apple device that supports the service. This can be any iPad, an iPod Touch from the third generation or iPhone from the 3GS model. In any case, you must always install the most recent one iOS version on this device. Also, you can activate the print function with a Mac. This must have at least OS X Lion operating system.
  • You also need to have a printer that supports AirPrint technology. This is the case with many new printers known manufacturers. When buying it, that the printer can connect to a wireless network and supports the function. If you want to be sure that the device supports AirPrint, you can simply buy the Apple store this.
  • This print function is only available when the terminal and the printer on the same wireless network are. You can not send out documents to your printer with AirPrint. Make sure that the printer has the latest firmware installed.

Activating and using the function

If all the conditions for printing via AirPrint are created, you can print directly to your Apple device. You can do this from apps if they support the function. For standard apps from Apple, such as photo, Safari or Mail, this is given. But other apps support this feature.

  1. Tap the app at the bottom of the square, from which a straight arrow pointing upwards. It opens a menu with various functions. Here, select Print. It is the symbol, in which in a frame, a printer is stylized.
  2. Now you just have to select one of the displayed AirPrint printers and set the number of copies. Especially when first printing via AirPrint printers are sometimes not displayed. Activators this by clicking in the vicinity of the device.
  3. You can also view information about the print view. Tap to double-click the home button and swipe to the right. Then tap the "Print Center" option. This can only be activated when the pressure is in progress.

If you use a Mac, you can select from the list of available printers the printer easy when this AirPrint supported and located as the terminal in the same wireless network. Printing does not differ from printing on, for example, a USB connection.

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