English: buy newspaper in Germany

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English: buy newspaper in Germany

Where can you get English newspapers?

improve English with original texts

  • The best known and easiest-to-find English newspaper the Guardian. He has an excellent reputation as critical newspaper in the UK, but is linguistically more for you, if you speak English quite well.
  • The London Times you can also find in Germany, the difficulty can be compared for example with the Guardian.
  • The Independent with his leftish stained reporting and the Socialist Observer also offer English reading at a higher linguistic level.
  • Conservative is the Daily Telegraph, a lot of bought leaf in the UK.
  • A classic in the financial sector is, of course, the Financial Times.
  • If you read at first seems difficult, try first to open up the typical newspaper language. For this you need a good, extensive dictionary. After a few weeks you will notice that the phrases and phrases are repeated and that you can enter the texts much better.
  • Who wants to simply hop, is well advised with the newspapers Spotlight and Spotlight Business: Here products for English learners are prepared linguistically, and you can find articles on various levels.

find newspapers commercially

  • The Spotlight newspapers are available in every kiosk which has a larger assortment newspaper. The bigger the range, the higher the probability that you will find original English newspapers.
  • You probably can buy in Bahnhofkiosk English newspapers. You often have a small selection of British and even American music.
  • The most convenient solution is certainly a subscription. That makes sense, if you have your favorite newspaper and found not want to run for each issue to the station. The great English newspapers can be on different providers easily subscribe.
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