EOS Field Services GmbH - Company Profile

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EOS Field Services GmbH - Company Profile

The EOS Fields Services GmbH is a leading debt collection company.

Short portrait of EOS Field Services GmbH

In 1997, EOS Field Services GmbH was founded under the name of German credit protection GmbH. Already in the 90s this company was part of the EOS Group.

  • In 2005, from the German credit protection GmbH today EOS Field Services GmbH, which holds more than 240 employees, which are active across Germany for you in the field. Principal place of business is in Hamburg. The employees are also represented nationwide.
  • Services that this company makes available to you, are the intervention of open Darlehns- and lease payments, such as the processing and collection of open front stanchions.
  • The EOS Field Services GmbH, as part of the EOS Group, one of the largest and most successful collection agencies in Germany. Serving the company, for example, for the company OTTO.

Services of the billing company overview

  • Among the services which the EOS Field Services GmbH offers you, include inter alia the object inspection. In this activity, the sales representative of the company in the review of funded long term goods stands locally. Thus, damage and possible financial problems are detected and treated.
  • Furthermore offers the GmbH to service the site checks. If you, or your company, be interested in a new property, EOS monitors the market and inform you of any offers.
  • Should a contract, such as a lease or a lease to be in retreat, the EOS GmbH offers the possibility of intervention by R├╝ckstandsaufholung and communication.
  • Other services of debt collection agency are the Vort-site collection services and personal Vort-site research.
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