establish company Second - and peculiarities

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establish company Second - and peculiarities

Setting up a second company abroad, may be useful to take advantage of tax benefits.

Within a company, you can perform various operations. Two legally independent companies offer better ways to handle different transactions. With the internationalization of the business relationship subsidiaries can ensure business success abroad.

set up secondary company in Germany

If you want to set up a second company, the question arises as to whether you need to sign the company. In this question there are several answers:

  • Suppose you own a sole proprietorship and operate a web shop. Now you want to open a second shop. You have already registered a trade. In business registration you specify the sales of products in the online shop. What should I do?
  • The main role in answering the question makes the corporate form. In a single and small businesses that runs on your name, you can log any other company. Your name can be used only once.
  • If you want to offer in a second Webshop goods which have not yet been included in the original business registration, expand your business. A new commercial you do not need to sign. In principle it is possible to link different sectors together. At your local trade office to get detailed information for a specific case.
  • In addition to your company urspünglichen You can send a second company with a different type of company, such as a partnership or corporation, founded.
  • The partnership (GbR, OHG) arises as soon as you join together with another person. Corporate forms such as UG, GmbH and AG represent corporations. The establishment of an additional company abroad is subject to the legal provisions of the country of.

Start Second firm abroad

There are many reasons that speak for a second company abroad. International companies generally have addition to its headquarters in Germany at least another branch or permanent establishment abroad. This ensures the proximity to suppliers and customers. Often there are tax advantages that make the difference abroad for a relocation of corporate headquarters.

  • If you want to set up as a German entrepreneur, a subsidiary abroad, meet different conditions. Often these are not the same even within one country. How does this for Switzerland? While a partnership in Switzerland benefits from a liberal legislation, to corporations such as GmbH or AG, meet much more extensive requirements.
  • If you are in favor of the establishment of a company in Switzerland, establish a branch. This gives you more benefits than starting a business or company formation. Government subsidies You may not expect at a start-up in Switzerland. A company that is registered in Germany, can be very easily set up a branch in Switzerland. For the establishment of a partnership it only requires some formalities. It asks for an entry in the commercial register, which 2,000 Swiss francs (1,300 euros) costs.
  • From an entry can be waived if you do not run your commercial commercial type or the annual turnover does not exceed 100,000 Swiss francs. Evidence of specific skills is up for a few exceptions, not required.

Branch in Switzerland with benefits

  • The branch in Switzerland offers the advantage that no fixed capital is necessary. The activities can be carried out immediately after registration. Swiss law allows foreign companies to open a Swiss bank account and the posting of invoices between parent company and subsidiary. Neither the accounting nor the creation of reserves is an obligation.
  • In Switzerland, no double taxation occurs. In addition to foreign companies certain Swiss tax, for example, the withholding tax on dividend accounts. The VAT is lower than in Germany. The statutory tax rate accounts for less than half of the German VAT rate. When deduction in Switzerland are approximately the same rules as those in Germany.

Tip: If you want to start your second company in the United States, the state of Delaware is likely to be the first choice. Founder benefit in establishing a company in Delaware of a company legislation, the unequaled worldwide. When you process in the US offshore companies do business, you have nothing to do with US tax authorities.

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