establish Contractors - Here's how

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establish Contractors - Here's how

Subcontractors often work on the limit.

Whoever operates as a sole trader, is personally liable with all its assets. Are there economic problems, threatens the personal ruin.

  • Takes a GmbH an additional business unit, which is fraught with risks, managing risks the existence of the GmbH if implemented the additional risk.
  • In the third conceivable variation you create a subcontractor because you execute orders on behalf of another company, which does not execute even this company, but passed on to subcontractors.

outsource the risk With Contractors

  • No matter from which perspective you want to start your subcontractors is important that you keep your risk as low as possible. You never know how your commitment evolved. Even if you invest nothing, you can never be certain that you cause damage and be taken to pay compensation.
  • To minimize risk, you can set up a limited liability company or start a business company (UG), which can continue to develop in case of success to a full GmbH.
  • The UG you can set up with an initial investment of only € 1. An establishment expenses incurred about 500 €. Each notary keeps ready a standard contract.
  • Set up as a parent company a subcontractor, you are partners, determine the manager and determine the fate of the subcontractor.

Without orders the reasons makes little sense

  • Starting as a subcontractor of course assumes that you have a client who gives you is likely. Make sure that you are paid so that you can cover your expenses and do not work practically nothing. Especially in the construction industry and in logistics subcontractors be exploited in this way, until they have to give.
  • Do not be blackmailed at dumping prices and refrain dear to such orders. They create so no real perspective.
  • Are you your own subcontractors (as mother-GmbH you instruct your own subcontractors), make sure that you organizationally, accounting and personnel properly separate the orders and mix anything. Operation is a prerequisite that you have no problems with the tax authorities and to the possible occurrence of a creditor of your company.
  • Meet clear agreements with your client. His suspicious if you tasks to be undertaken, for which the client is responsible.
  • Notice the regularly agreed customer protection. Take you disclosed customer contacts bypassing your client, you risk a penalty and your order.
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