establish Nebengewerbe - so go ahead

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establish Nebengewerbe - so go ahead

Nebengewerbe often only with the consent of the employer

  • If you start a side business, you must inform your employer in many cases, for which you are established staff members. Read your contract. There is often determined that you are not allowed to enter in a competitive relationship with your employer.
  • In addition, your Nebengewerbe may not keeping burdens that you can no longer perform properly your actual work. Especially if you work in the public sector, employers keep an employment contract before its approval.
  • A Nebengewerbe You must be signed at the trade office of your municipality. You pay a fee of about 25 €. The trade office automatically informs the local tax office.
  • The tax office will send you an information sheet in which it senses your procedures for formation and their economic prospects. In particular, the tax office is interested in is the extent to which expected the attack of turnover taxes. Be in specifying modest, because you can not know how your Nebengewerbe evolved.

start a small business

  • If you start a side business, you usually start as a small business and will benefit from the tax Kleinunternehmerregelung. They are considered small businesses, if your turnover has € 17,500 gross not exceed net without VAT or € 20,825 including VAT in the previous year and the current year expected net € 50,000 will not exceed.
  • The law speaks of revenue. It does not depend on the profit that you will remain after deducting all costs.
  • So if you start from 1 January 2012. Your Nebengewerbe and start and your Net sales € 17,500 does not exceed, you are in small business in 2012. In this case, you give the state's sales tax. You may use the sales tax on your invoices not enter separately and create your invoices to a third party "gross for net".

Check waiver pilot

  • Conversely, you may not make as input tax the VAT paid with your purchases themselves. Set up a pure service company with a low purchase volumes, this circumstance does not matter much. Do you need to but make major investments, go bad with this scheme, because you would have to renounce the input tax. Talk in doubt with an accountant, how should you proceed in your case.
  • If you do not wish to claim the small business regulation, you can against the tax office without it. Tell your haircut already in the record sheet, the you will send the tax office after the registration of your business.

Beware that you are not considered as tax evaders

  • Pay attention to the following fact in the small business regulation: If you start your Nebengewerbe in December of the year, allowed only one twelfth of the total annual turnover of 17,500 €, so collect € 1,458. Otherwise you are considered tax evaders.
  • As a small business you need to deliver an monthly VAT return and save yourself a considerable administrative burden.
  • You are subject to simplified accounting rules. A simple record of your income and expenditure is sufficient.
  • The following year, you must include your profit when your income tax return in the plant N.
  • Unless you waive Kleinunternehmerregelung and collect sales taxes, perform this necessarily timely to the tax authorities from. Do not handle the turnover. You collect them only in trust for the state and bring sooner or later in great difficulty, since the Treasury enforced mercilessly against you.
  • Be sure to produce the minimum cost, in the initial phase. Especially true: revenue is not profit!
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