establish vehicle workshop - so succeeds's

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establish vehicle workshop - so succeeds's

Crafts exercise only with master craftsman.

If you want to start a car repair shop, you should take because of the considerable intercourse personal advice and assistance.

Reasons for a garage using a Start-up consulting

If you want to start a business, you can use a variety of regional start advise. Establishing consultations are conducted by the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Crafts or KfW.

  • Before your start-up with a garage you need to give some consideration. Not unimportant is your decision whether you want to operate a free workshop or a workshop.
  • The number of free workshops is higher than the branded workshops. But when it comes to new orders, independent garages get only a little more than one third. Another possibility for the creation of your shop would be the use of a franchise concept.
  • They will have no choice but to work out a detailed concept. You must find your workshop the best individual variant which lets you development opportunities.
  • The specialization in a particular niche (vehicle restoration, gas conversion) can pay off.

Steps on the path to independence

  • Perform site selection and competitor analysis.
  • Ask how you calculate your prices right and calculate the profit.
  • Set up a cost plan. Plan your investment and capital needs. Take for an accounting seminar Chamber of Crafts or consult a tax advisor.
  • In the Chamber, you must get permission for your craft activity. This includes proof of satisfaction of certain conditions (fire protection, waste disposal).
  • If you are not in possession of a vehicle master's certificate, you need to find and hire a qualified employee.

Alternative - establishing an auto Mietwerkstatt

Easier than a car repair shop, you can start a car Mietwerkstatt.

  • A Mietwerkstatt is not assigned to the licensed trades. Therefore, you must be even as operators not in possession of a master's certificate nor set a master.
  • If you are not an expert, you should be focused on the stage rental and tools.
  • Certain hints and tips you can give to your customers in the form of declarations.
  • Intervention you may not, however. When you repair a workshop operators themselves something, you will automatically handicrafts.

The activities in the automotive technician trade you would need the appropriate professional qualification (master mechanic) and a registration with the Chamber of Crafts (registration in the trades).

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