Etna in Sicily - Find out more about the volcano

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Etna in Sicily - Find out more about the volcano

The Europe's oldest volcano - Mount Etna

Not least the Mafia epic "The Godfather" helped the Mediterranean island to dubious fame. The story of the Corleone made Sicily known worldwide.

Sicily - more than the home of Cosa Nostra

Although the Cosa Nostra perhaps the first thing that comes to mind to Sicily, the island has much more to offer.

  • From Etna you've heard before. To Europe's oldest volcano, whose age is estimated at about 600,000 years once twined many myths.
  • So shall the god Hephaestus (among other things, the god of fire was) the volcano, have, several times to break out of anger at the possible infidelities of his wife (the goddess Aphrodite).
  • The Greek philosopher Empedocles is said to have (more specifically in) the put an end to Volcano his life by throwing himself into the crater. So at least it tells a legend.

Find out more about Mount Etna

From myth to reality:

  • Etna is located on the southern coast of Sicily. You can find him near Catania. The volcano is located about 30 kilometers from the second largest city of the island. Not an ideal situation: In 1669, some parts of the city, buried by a volcanic eruption, under the lava flows. By the way: Many buildings in the city are made of lava stone. If you have ever heard of the "black daughter of Etna", then here was from Catania talk.
  • The volcano is not only the oldest, he is also the largest active volcano in Europe - and the highest mountain of the Mediterranean island. The current height of the volcano can be - due to its activities - not quantified. She is approximately 3300 meters. The face of the mountain stick is about 1250 square kilometers, its volume is estimated at around 250 kilometers.
  • Besides the main crater located on the summit of the volcano three more craters. The "Bocca Nuova", which can be found right next to the main crater, the northeast and the southeast crater, the further back into the main crater. But that's not all: Away from the summit there are about 400 more secondary craters.
  • Also the area around the volcano is of interest. Perhaps you've heard of the "Parco dell'Etna"? What is meant here is a 58,000 hectare area, which surrounds the volcano. It was declared in 1987 for the Regional Park.
  • Regarding the landscape around the volcano, it is marked by the lava. However, this is not a bad thing: The pH of the crumbling lava is balanced, the soil is fertile. Only in the higher regions of the volcanic mountain, see no vegetation. At an altitude of 2500 meters grow grasses and moss, can be found here, for example, juniper shrubs. Up to an altitude of around 2,000 meters, see other pine, beech, oak or chestnut trees. Something deeper, up to an elevation of about 1500 meters, you find then orange and lemon trees. Also olives, figs and pistachios thrive here. By the way: On top of the mountain is almost always snow.

Your interest is aroused? Then visit the volcano. Do not worry, you do not have him climb on foot. A cable car and off-road buses are available to visitors of the volcano are available. Who wants less high up that can circumnavigate the volcano with the railroad. The journey starts in Catania.

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