Evaporation and evaporation - explained the difference physically

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Evaporation and evaporation - explained the difference physically

Here is water vapor.

Evaporation versus evaporate - the difference easily explained

  • Both terms refer to (with few exceptions) on liquids, usually on the ubiquitous water.
  • Anyone who has just put a bowl of water in the room, will have noticed that the water in the course of time from the bowl "disappear" - it evaporates.
  • In microscopic image, it is in this case in fact the fastest molecules succeeded on the liquid surface, leaving the water.
  • This is achieved, on the one hand, the molecules by the temperature in constant motion and on the other hand have by mutual collisions, not all molecules have the same velocity. So the fastest molecules have the opportunity to escape from the liquid federation and evaporate into the surrounding air. This cooker can be observed at low days on lakes or rain on streets - but as already again condensed droplets.
  • Evaporation but is closely linked to the formation of water vapor.
  • When a liquid boils, ie changes from a liquid to a gaseous state, then evaporating the liquid. When water is water vapor, a gas.
  • can evaporate water only when necessary at normal air pressure, a boiling point of 100 ° C is achieved. Evaporation takes place but even at temperatures well below the boiling point. However, the evaporation occurs more rapidly, the higher the temperature. And a small breeze of wind also helps, as everyone knows from the drying laundry.

What is water vapor actually look like? - A small digression

  • Placing them question, the answer is almost always: steam is white.
  • And actually emanates from a water boiler in which the water boils, and a number of factory chimneys clear white "steam". Even over a cup of hot coffee or a plate of soup can be clearly seen this "steam".
  • But strictly speaking, water vapor is a gas of liquid "water" not visible.
  • If we let, for example, water in a clear container cook, then make yourself at the bottom of vapor bubbles that rise up in the boiling water and burst at the surface.
  • These bubbles are transparent. If at some distance keeps a lid over it, he gets fogged with drops, the high rising steam can be seen but not in general.
  • Also over the opening of the boiler, the steam is initially invisible. The white cloud that consists of already condensed droplets again, not immediately begins the boiler.
  • By the way: Good that water vapor is transparent. Also, the air contains large amounts of water vapor, called humidity. If this would not be transparent, you could always have a light mist.
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