Every 7 years - so you survive the "cursed 7th year of marriage"

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Every 7 years - so you survive the "cursed 7th year of marriage"

All 7 years can lead to changes in the relationship.

Every 7 years, there is a change

The Seven Year Itch is part of several movies and several books. There seems to be some truth that every seven years undergoes a radical change of one's personality.

  • People are constantly changing. This truth is only partially true, because actually the basic personality of a person is finished with about 18 years. From then on, although some changes in behavior are still possible, but the foundations have been laid by then.
  • But about every 7 years there is actually often a change in attitudes. Although basic fears and beliefs remain intact, but the attitude to many things changed.
  • The whole phenomenon can also be applied to marriage. After about 7 years, it may be that change the desires of each partner in the marriage. This can lead to uncertainty and many disputes within the relationship.

Trust in love

Although every 7 years sets a change in the relationship or marriage, you are the whole not helpless:

  • Looking for the interview with the spouse and talk openly, that has apparently something changed between you.
  • Before you think of fear of abandonment through separation or similar things, you should talk openly with your partner about the possible change of wishes to you and to the marriage.
  • then describe each both for what you still seems important to the relationship. What factors do you think together? Often it is another the love that is anchored very deep after seven years. This allows you to do it together, to survive even this seven-year itch.
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