Excel: If-Then-Else formula - application in the utility bill

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Excel: If-Then-Else formula - application in the utility bill

take with the PC operating costs under the microscope

Excel - background knowledge for If-Then-Else formula

The If-Then-Else formula is a formula quite frequently used in Excel spreadsheets. About the detailed definition of various parameters you can specify in what situation your result will turn out like. You can specify both numbers and plain text. Please note that the If-Then-Else formula always begins with an "=" and ends with the last closing parenthesis. If you set text as an output value, this must be set in the If-Then-Else formula in quotation marks. The If-Then-Else formula is made up of three components.

  • The first formula component is the review of a to be determined by you facts. An example would be "= IF (A1> B1)". Although the If-Then-Else formula is still incomplete, are Excel gives you already in this step, a so-called truth value - "true" or "false".
  • As second formula component set the so-called "value_if_true" fixed. Here you determine what you want to appear in Excel, if the contents of cell A1 is actually greater than the cell contents of B1. In this example it is assumed Excel should output the word "credit" if A1> B1. The If-Then-Else formula looks in this step is as follows: "= IF (A1> B1," the bank ")." Your If-Then-Else formula but still not completely.
  • The last formula component is missing the "value_if_false". Again, you specify how the result shown by Excel to fail. Your sample formula could now read "= IF (A1> 25;" credit ";" additional payment ")".
  • After entering the "Dann_Wertes" shows Excel to the preliminary calculation result.

The If-Then-Else formula you can very well use in your utility bill.

The formula in the utility bill

Suppose you create your utility bill with Excel. You automatically want that Excel in cell A27 indicates whether your tenant receives a credit or need to make an additional payment. Imagine this following scenario.

  • In cell D25 is the total sum of the caused by the respective tenants operating costs.
  • The work done by the tenant operating cost prepayments are in cell D26.
  • If the cost of advance payments are lower than those caused operating costs, then your tenant has to make an additional payment. In this case, Excel is in Cell A27 Show "Surcharge".
  • If such prepayments contrast higher than that caused operating costs, should then return in cell A27 "credit" as a result of Excel.
  • Your If-Then-Else formula in cell A27 then to look like this: "= IF (D26> D25;" credit ";" additional payment ")".
  • Now it may happen so that the operating costs and the advance payments are equal. In this case, your formula would also "postpay" show. Since you but in cell D27 in this case the result have are "0,00 Euro", which plays no significant role.
  • Of course, you can nest and specify that Excel in this case in cell A27 "balance" should display your If-Then-Else formula. You would have your formula then adjust as follows: "= IF (D26> D25;" credit "; IF (D26 = D25;" balance ";" additional payment "))"

As you can see, the if-then-else-formula is a very useful Excel function.

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