Excel replaces numbers with date - Countermeasure

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Excel replaces numbers with date - Countermeasure

Formatting in Excel cells.

Excel is particularly well suited to run spreadsheets to calculate formulas or create functions. This spreadsheet is divided into rows and columns. Each box is a so-called cell. With Excel, you can calculate everything based on formulas or functions. For example, it is possible to calculate the days that lie between the two dates. To display this number of days as an integer, each cell must be formatted.

Replace date numbers in Excel

  1. Whether you enter the number or the cell to output a result of a calculation, make sure the first thing that in Excel, this cell is formatted correctly.
  2. Click the cell, so that it is outlined in thick. Now right click on this cell. This opens a menu where you select "Format Cells" from.
  3. In the First menu item "numbers" you will find a wide variety of ways to display the numbers. If the cell is formatted to the date display, so you can change it now.
  4. Under "Category" the "number" of. Then you can still choose the format and additionally do not have the options that decimals, the thousands point to display leading zeros or negative numbers in red represent.
  5. Do you want to provide the numbers with a currency symbol, choose "Display" category "currency". So you all the numbers are marked with a currency symbol.

Do you want to contrast reformat an entire column or row, just click on the letters at the top to select the column or on the numbers on the far left to highlight the row. Then again right-click on "Format Cells" and proceed as described above.

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