Exemption request GEZ - Informative

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Exemption request GEZ - Informative

Not everyone can be exempted with a request for an exemption from the GEZ fees.

Who will succeed with an application for exemption

  • With a request for an exemption can determine categories of persons from the GEZ fees that fall under the term "license fee", be exempted.
  • These groups include those Hartz IV, unemployment benefit II or social assistance benefits and received by the applicant Protection Act. Typically, these groups of people are not even written, so that a request for an exemption is unnecessary. The GEZ receives the data of persons who are in this county.
  • Even those with basic security in old age or a disability, and people who receive assistance for nursing care or care allowances may be exempt from paying fees. In addition, people aged 18 and over who live free in an inpatient facility are.
  • Furthermore, also students, trainees and students benefit from the exemption as long as they get a promotion such as BAB, training or housing benefit or BAföG. If you fall into this group of people, you must submit to the Office, the decisions that show that you get a promotion.
  • Another group of people who are exempt from charges, people who can not use the services of television or radio are. These include deafblind. In this case, a certificate from the doctor is necessary.

Other important information on the exemption at GEZ

  • If you do not fall into these groups, you will have little chance to get approved the request for exemption to the GEZ. However, there are discounts for certain persons. These include people with disabilities of a degree from 80 percent, and people with a visual or hearing disability from 60 percent.
  • The request for an exemption can be completed online. Then it must be printed and signed. The address to which the application must be sent is: ARD ZDF Germany Radio, Post service, 50656 Cologne.
  • In addition to the request, the evidence for the exemption must be gained. It ranges from no conventional copy! You either send with the original or a certified copy.
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