Exercises of speech therapy - two exercises against stuttering

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Exercises of speech therapy - two exercises against stuttering

The talk is for many people a part of socializing.

Find out more about the speech therapy

In the speech therapy people are examined and treated all ages. These people often suffer from speech disorders. However, it can also be treated speech, voice and swallowing disorders.

  • The communication is part of life. It works with language, articulation and speaking.
  • There are people who have not sufficiently developed or lost their ability of language.
  • In the speech therapy training is to recognize present which faults.
  • To perform the therapy, Logop├Ądien must be able to make a diagnosis. Only then is the therapy.
  • The treatment can also be carried out only when a doctor a doctor's prescription is present.
  • This of course includes the counseling of patients to and their relatives.
  • The clinical pictures include: congenital hearing and drinking disorders, physical disabilities, reading and spelling difficulties, stuttering, neurological disorders and people with an increased load on the voice, such as teachers.

Some exercises you can perform at home.

Two exercises to speech disorders

There are some exercises that you can apply to himself or your child at home.

  • To build vocabulary and improve formulation capability you can your child pick out any food, animals or objects. Ask such as "What can you eat?" Questions You can also pull out of a sack games characters or objects. Encourage the child to describe the features.
  • To improve oral motor, place the index finger and thumb on the cheeks (height of the corner of the mouth). Now pull the cheeks toward his mouth, so that fold the lips forward. Persisting in this position about ten seconds.
  • Encourage your child always to talk to. It should speak clearly and slowly. Ensure that your child always is with you in the eye contact.

Recognize your child abnormalities in the language or speaking, you should call the pediatrician first.

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