Expand The Samsung S5230 with Apps

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Expand The Samsung S5230 with Apps

The smartphone with other programs individualize F-1._Gopp / Pixelio

The Samsung S5230 is a budget smartphone with a basic feature set. Since it does not come with the Android operating system, you can play any apps from the Android Appstore. Nevertheless, you have the option to extend the capabilities of mobile phones through various programs.

Classic apps can not handle the Samsung S5230

  • The Samsung S5230 is a smartphone, which is not equipped with the Android operating system. This means that you can not download classic, developed for this operating system Apps.
  • yet you have the option to copy new programs to your phone. Apps is short for application, and this means nothing more than "program for a smart phone with the appropriate operating system." The programs that Samsung can recognize and represent S5230 Star, must have the extension .jar.

Copy new applications to your smartphone

  1. Connect your smartphone via USB cable to the computer.
  2. Change to the drive of your phone. Create a new folder, such as "install" or "Games".
  3. Copy using drag and drop one or more programs in the folder into which are provided with the extension .jar.
  4. Loosen the connection between the phone and your computer and navigate to the folder structure of your mobile phone. After a single tap to install the programs and you can use them.

Depending on your software version, it may be that you can not use the option in step 2. You can only install the .jar files when you purchase this charge on the Internet. Do you want to easily copy apps to your smartphone, you should look for when buying your next mobile phones that is equipped with an Android operating system.

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