expect shared writing - how it works

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expect shared writing - how it works

count divided Written works even without a calculator.

expect shared writing - so it works again

  • The written Shared Computing is called by mathematicians as long division, "divide" the verb (verb) to hot. So much only times designated.
  • Before starting with the parts, you should very much in advance the general approach: "Share - back - rest - bring down new paragraph" Remember! These steps appear namely repeatedly.
  • First, the simple division by one-digit number with an example: The task is 76572: 4 =?
  • First, take the first digit of the number (in this case 7) and divided by 4. There is 1. The "1" is written down only once, as a result, so 76572: 4 = 1
  • Now comes the "Back", is expected 1 x 4 = 4 and writes the result under the 7. Even if the acts now totally primitive, you absolutely stick to this approach. It helps with difficult tasks.
  • Now the step "rest" comes. It draws a line under the 4 and forms the remainder to 7, so 3 topsy write.
  • Now the next point (in this case 6) to bring down and write the rest (of 3).
  • Now you start with the steps all over again. So 36: 4 = 9, which concludes after the first
  • Previous: 9 x 4 = 36; Here is remaining 0. No problem, it is the next number, namely 5 brought down.
  • And the Steps for shared computing start again until all numbers are depleted. The task can rise, that is, there remains no residual. However, it may also be that a residue remains. This is - at least in the elementary school, which knows no decimals and fractions, simply written as rest behind the result.
  • Note: It may take you - Example 365: 8 - happen that you can not share the first digit. Then simply take the first two digits as a starter. In the example, you can expect 36:. 8
  • count divided Written with numbers that have more than one digit: Now for the difficult part. Task example of this is: 76572: 48 =?
  • The procedure is here but just so share - back - rest - to bring down a new point. One would here so start with 76: 48 (! 7 is not yes) = 1
  • When dividing by multi-digit numbers, however, a problem occurs. One can not easily gauge what "shared" when coming out namely. Here it is convenient first to make a rollover (and this then be tested on the secondary list as Malaufgabe).
  • Example: 13572: 27 =?
  • The first Divided bill is here 135 27 estimating can be the result by dividing by 30 (ie 4). Check 4 x 27 = 108. If you miscalculated here, the result of this test is either too small or too large. Then you have to correct the estimate. In the example, the estimate is due. Granted, that may take some time need - especially if you are not a friend of the numbers. But solving allows the Division all.
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