Expectorants for sinuses - so you rid your nose from mucus

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Expectorants for sinuses - so you rid your nose from mucus

Horseradish is an excellent expectorant.

Effective expectorant with clogged sinuses

  • If you want to quickly rid the sinuses of annoying secretion, is highly effective expectorant offer. Access to this end capsules provide by means of the active substance cineol urgent remedial action. Get in the pharmacy a quality preparation show and take this one according to the package insert. The active substance exerts its mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effect within a short time.
  • Would you like to additionally apply a homeopathic medicine? In this case, different individual agents have proven. Please consider when choosing carefully the associated drug picture! Greenish-yellowish, stringy secretion is treated best with potassium dichromate while Mercurius can also be used with suppurating diseases. A typical base means always loofah can also be given. The homeopathic medicines used are available in the form of globules, tablets and liquid.
  • If you can not accurately identify the mucus, the administration of a combination product has been proven. These drugs often contain Mercurius, loofah and potassium dichromate and other active ingredients. Especially recommended are the drugs of Hevert and Wala.
  • For a tightly fitted secretions in the sinuses and the external application has, in addition to an expectorant, proven in the form of effective winding. Particularly effective are horseradish pads that support the mucus. To prepare rub 2 tablespoons fresh horseradish small in a food processor and wrap the mass in a paper towel. You can then place the pad on the forehead or nose and fix it with a scarf. Cover the eyes carefully from! Please note: For the first application, the duration of use should not exceed 3 minutes! Sensitive people should place the pad in the neck. Check for any skin redness!
  • Please note: In case of persistent and non-specific symptoms of the advice of a physician should immediately be sought. In most cases, the symptoms can, however, with a targeted internal use and effective winding in a short time fix, so you can breathe again quickly!
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