experience the city in a different way - tip for New York

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experience the city in a different way - tip for New York

The observation deck at the top of the Statue of Liberty has wait for hours.

New York experience even unusual

In the metropolis of New York City in excess of 8 million inhabitants. That there are constantly discovering something new and unusual, is not surprising. Whole neighborhoods get through new stores and other residents suddenly a whole new flair and sometimes you do not find their way even if you were away for a while. Here are some tips on how to avoid being a tourist in New York off the beaten track and still see the city from its best side.

  • In the summer garden should head to the northern Central Park. There, on the border with the county Harlem residents there communities that maintain the park on their own and cherish and create wonderful beds of fragrant flowering perennials.
  • You might also enjoy one of the weddings that are held in Central Park, which is high in all the Americans in the course. For you travel from all states to extra and then spend his honeymoon in New York City.
  • If you are in New York City in midsummer, worth a trip in the south of Brooklyn. There are Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and Coney Iceland and they have tons of sandy beach to relax and unwind.
  • In Manhattan Beach, the residential area is a bit more upscale, so you can admire beautiful old villas American.
  • If you absolutely want to see the Statue of Liberty up close, then you can save yourself the steep and long climb to the observation deck in the crown of Miss Liberty. For one, you first sit on boats on the Hudson and encircle a long time the statue until your boat may invest. Second, the platform, if you climbed laboriously, always crowded and you will have only a few minutes for a look at the view. If you would like to see them close, then book a cruise on the Hudson River and enjoy the sights all alone from the water.
  • Treat yourself to a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The costs nothing and is at its best when you start in Brooklyn and move to Manhattan.
  • Since 2011, in New York an unknown attraction, the reason is a hot tip. Here a railway line was reconstructed and greened to the "High Line Park". The railway line was created in the 30s as Highline to let go of industry shipments there, so that they could reach their destination quickly and without traffic jams. The special thing about this park is that the residents maintain it on their own. You can reach the park via stairs and sunrises from the adjacent streets.
  • Should you aiming high to catch a glimpse of the skyline from the top, then you can save the Empire State Building. It is just as crowded as the Statue of Liberty. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Rockefeller Center offers, here it is not so crowded. The platform "Top of the Rock" was opened in 2005 after nearly 20 years on the 70th floor again. It was created in the 30s and was originally created as a luxury steamer.

Insider, which cost a little more money

  • Treat yourself to a trip to Long Iceland and in the Hamptons when you stay in New York longer. For that you must namely approximately 150km drive, but it is beautiful with white beaches and absolutely worth seeing noble villas. Spend a weekend there, because in one of the small old towns in the Hamptons you will find a small pension.
  • Really good dining experience visit the evening in Brooklyn. The restaurant "River Café" located in the "Water Street", next to the famous Brooklyn Bridge. The food is exclusive, but the ambiance and the views at night are unbeatable and still highly recommended.
  • If you want to play sports, you can do that in New York City outside. Book your morning at the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. The successful Boot Camp has now been copied, how different Central Park bootcamps. In all, you can book appointments online.

Bon Voyage and have fun!

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