explains AVR Caritas Overview

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explains AVR Caritas Overview

Even hospitals are members of the German Caritas Association.

After the public service, the churches together Diakonie and Caritas the second largest employer in Germany. This is however not a single employer, but numerous individual employer. On the Catholic side can for this employer AVR Caritas be relevant - and for you as an employee, if you are working, for example in a hospital or kindergarten in Catholic-run.

What control the AVR-Caritas

  • If you take a look at your employment as an employee, you may be surprised: Often only a few things are in the employment contract governed. Instead of extensive sets of rules, there is a reference to the applicable collective agreement or the AVR.
  • The AVR Caritas contain numerous regulations for all employment relationships to which they apply - regardless of the individual worker. The regulations, which include the areas of Basic, setting, working time and leave, remuneration and dismissal.

AVR are no collective agreement

  • It should be noted that the AVR-Caritas - like the AVR-Diakonie - not come as a collective agreement concluded. Not trade unions and employers negotiate with each other, but the members of the relevant working Legal Commission sit together and agree on a negotiation result.
  • This procedure is called a "third way". This is neither the employer unilaterally the conditions ( "first way"), nor collective bargaining out and it will not strike ( "Second Way"). It is the "third way" to the special way of the churches and church agencies.
  • Consequently, do not apply the AVR Caritas as collective agreement. This is important if labor standards allow a deviation due to a collective agreement. For this "opening" then does not automatically apply the AVR. And your employer can, under certain circumstances of what the state law requires, not deviate due to the AVR.

As the legislation is structured

  • The AVR Caritas consist of a general section and numerous plants. The General Part contains 24 paragraphs the essential rules for employment. So § 1 AVR Caritas contains 14 para. The rule that fixed-term contracts can be terminated with notice. If this were not regulated in the AVR still in employment, your temporary contract would not be subject to ordinary termination.
  • In many paragraphs of the General section you can find references to the plants. The 33 plants the AVR Caritas include, inter alia, detailed rules for the remuneration of individual groups of workers, certain working arrangements and mechanisms for partial retirement. Particularly important are the plants 2 and 30-33. After these investments, too, classification of employees depends.

The AVR Caritas represent a complex regulatory framework. They apply to all devices that are connected to the DCV (German Caritas Association).

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