explains difference of ergometers and exercise bikes vividly

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explains difference of ergometers and exercise bikes vividly

Sport is essential for health.

Who does not like running in the rain and cold outside, of an ergometer or an exercise bike can buy. With these devices, you can pleasantly work out in the room. But there is a difference between ergometers and exercise bikes?

What is an ergometer?

  • With ergometers athletic performance of a person can be determined. Since the same conditions prevail, because there is no influence of the weather or the like takes place, the individual capabilities of different people can be documented and compared.
  • In sports, an ergometer is used to determine the performance level and designed based on the results of individual training plans. The capacity of each individual is measured in watts. Factors such as age and sex are included as compared to the target value with.
  • Not only in sports but also in the medical field ergometer be used to capture the physical condition of the patient. The history of lung and heart disease can be checked and persons at risk can be identified quickly.
  • Ergometer have different difficulty levels, which differ in resistance or the like.
  • In addition to the widespread bicycle ergometer is also ergometric treadmills and special ergometer as rowing ergometer or paddle ergometer.

What is an exercise bike?

  • An exercise bike is used for sports in your own home or in gyms.
  • There are different exercise. Besides bicycles, there are treadmills and elliptical machines. They all fall under the name exercise bike.
  • Exercise bikes are available almost everywhere. Besides shops even supermarkets often offer inexpensive home trainer.

What is the difference between the devices?

  • One difference is that an ergometer can determine the performance in watts, while the results do not this with normal home gyms.
  • There are exercise bikes, where small ergometer to measure the pulse are installed. These values ​​are usually determined by hand sensors. Real ergometer, however, are equipped detail.
  • Ergometers are plugged into the current. Exercise bike contrast run with battery and levels are set by hand on a wheel.
  • Home trainer are much cheaper than ergometer, because the ergometer through a more complicated technique has.
  • Who simply for improving endurance, the reached a stationary bike. Who wants to hand obtain detailed data on its performance, which should decide on the ergometer.

Whether exercise bike or ergometer - the condition can be improved with both devices, despite differences. And that's health is most important.

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