explains differences - employment and MoU

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explains differences - employment and MoU

In working life, there are several types of contract.

An employment describes essential conditions of employment. However, if the job is not yet begun, but a confirmation of the subsequent adjustment is to be given, then connect employers and employees a preliminary agreement.

What does an employment contract

  • An employment summarizes the conditions under which an employment relationship is to be designed. Here are details for employer and employee (name, address), the beginning of employment, a possible temporary nature of the jobs, the extent of hours (working hours), place of work, number of vacation days and also to find the content.
  • Likewise, specific tasks can be described that belong to the center of the employee. If these are not in conformity, responsibilities can change over time as well. In addition, in some areas, certain collective agreements or health and safety regulations that apply to be mentioned again without the Treaty apply.
  • The main difference from pre-contract is that with the signing of the employment contract also often before is already beginning the actual activity.
  • The employment contract is signed so either in the job a few days before the start of work or on the first day of activity. A preliminary, however, is closed when the start of work is not yet known or future employees to take the job only after several weeks or months.

Content in the preliminary

  • The term "pre-contract" is mainly used when major purchases are to be made. If you want to buy a condo, for example, this currently is not available but (as for renovations), then such a preliminary contract is concluded, which assures you the apartment for a later date.
  • In the context of contractual arrangements is concluded such an agreement, if should be noted that later a "real" employment (also called main contract) will be closed.
  • Reasons for the preliminary contract may be about that a certain line of business, for someone to be set, has not yet been fully developed or still needs to be expanded, or that the potential employee the place not because of child care time or not yet completed training or can compete. Also cleared of employers still open questions about the content or the number of hours.
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