explains Swabian expressions course

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explains Swabian expressions course

Schwäbisch easily understood

Oddly provides Swabian is a dialect which is poorly understood in the rest of Germany. Therefore, it has the Swabians also quite difficult when they do in Germany somewhere outside of Baden-Württemberg holiday. If you believe that this would ever experienced, you know how difficult it is Swabian expressions understandable definition.

Swabian expressions translate - idioms

Swabian expressions are sometimes set up a little complicated, but nevertheless to explain to understand how to show you some examples below:

  • "A Kuageschle vool drenga" means: drink a big gulp.
  • "A Kibl water and a pipe, fetig ish because Deitz engine" means: "a bucket of water and a tube, ready is the Deitz engine". This is a malicious allusion to the tractor brand Deitz.
  • "A oagnäahm greaa oagschdrichas Gardazaile" means an unpleasant green-painted Gartenzäunchen.
  • "At aubacha keeriga duuscht hao" means "have a crazed thirst".

Swabian swear words in High German

Swabian expressions would not be complete if we would forget the curse words. Below you will find some of them:

  • A stave Schell - a stupid person, whether male or female.
  • A Grabbawiaschde - is a visually very ugly woman and is usually applied behind closed doors.
  • A sekkelbleede Bix - is an absolutely stupid woman and is mostly based on younger women.
  • A Allmachtsgrasdackl denotes an absolutely stupid people and is a great insult.
  • As Badänser is the unloved person who comes from Baden, called.
  • As Bronzmichl the Bettnässer be referred disparagingly.
  • A Arschnahhengr referred to people who are very cautious and discouraged.
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