explore safely in Minecraft pyramids and temples

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explore safely in Minecraft pyramids and temples

The pyramids in Minecraft promise wealth.

Treasures, temples and pyramids

explore safely in Minecraft pyramids and temples

After updating to version 1.3 can be found in the Minecraft worlds new structures: temples and pyramids. This rare building lure you with quality rewards and treasures, but are difficult to find.

  • Temple can only be found in jungle biomes. These are relatively small building, consisting of paving stones. The vegetation with vines, they are also extremely well camouflaged in the dense forest. In the three-story temples individual chests are hidden, you can uncover a small switch puzzles. But note: To protect the plants traps are placed, can injure the unwary Minecraft player.
  • Significantly more productive are the pyramids that can be found in the deserts. Again, there are rare complexes whose exploration but is very worthwhile. In a pyramid four trunks full of rare items can be found - in a secret chamber. But here you have to overcome a trap, consisting of several TNT blocks. One false step and you and your alleged loot goodbye in Minecraft sky.

explore safely in Minecraft pyramids and temples

Without damage to the treasure in the temple

The temple is not fatal, but still you can the automatic firing device do plenty of damage. With the right approach you arrive without damage in the building complex and can the secret chest crack.

  • At the entrance of the temple, which is usually obscured by vines, you will find at the bottom a hook with cord. Touch the line, an arrow shot is achieved via a Redstone mechanism. By removing the cord, you can disarm the mechanism permanently. However, the tendrils complicate the view into the temple corridors why you should proceed slowly.
  • You can now explore the building safely. In the basement there are three levers that open in the right combination a secret passage in the middle tier, behind the chest can be found. The solution of the little riddle is always the same. The resolution will not reveal at this point.

explore safely in Minecraft pyramids and temples

So the pyramid is not a death trap

The temple can you scare quite a shock and you steal a few health points, the pyramids, however, are potential death traps.

  • Pyramids are simple structures consisting of two towers and a large hall. In the center of the hall can be found at the bottom of a striking pattern of dyed wool - here is the treasury "hidden".
  • The treasury is a few blocks below the actual bottom of the pyramid. If you fall, you lose some hearts. Especially critical is when you chip off the blue wool in the middle and then jump down. Then you land directly on a pressure switch, the lights hidden under the floor TNT crates. In this case, you have no chance to leave the hole alive.
  • The solution is simple, but time consuming Beat a path at the edge of the treasury in the rock to go from top to bottom, without triggering the mechanism of the pressure switch. Just make sure you reach the chests and can defuse the case by degrade the printing plate.

explore safely in Minecraft pyramids and temples

explore safely in Minecraft pyramids and temples

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