Extended warranty for the car - that you should be aware

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Extended warranty for the car - that you should be aware

Repair costs can be reduced with extended warranties. Gabi_Schoenemann / Pixelio

Anyone offering a warranty extension

Normally a new car should not be immediately broken, but do not require major repairs a few years. And precisely for this reason, the automaker also dare to make a two-year warranty. But what if you want an extended warranty? Of course this is theoretically possible, but in this case you should note a few things:

  • An extended warranty may be, for example, completed directly from the automaker or through its distributors.
  • There are two variants: either the warranty extension is completed directly by car manufacturers, or the automaker has its own insurance, on the warranty extension runs.
  • Furthermore, there is the so-called third-party who can offer an extended warranty for any brand, so we are working with a particular manufacturer.
  • Note, however, that an extended warranty is usually not free los, even not when it is completed directly from the manufacturer. This means of course you should always compare all the offers with each other.

Against what you can insure your car

  • As the name suggests, is at a warranty extension of the extension of the original factory warranty. And this guarantee is always given only in extraordinary repairs, which should not occur within a certain time.
  • This in turn means that wear parts, such as brakes and the clutch, are not generally insured. Such repairs can however cause substantial costs.
  • Compare therefore always offers all together. Get the scope described in detail and not, for example, only "motor units". Ask for more accurate description which motor inner parts are included in the extended warranty.
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