External haemorrhoids - relieve pain

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External haemorrhoids - relieve pain

Well-tried can help with external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids can be deceptive

Pain is not necessarily typical of hemorrhoids, but can affect the well-being considerably. With long-standing naturopathic or phytotherapeutic procedure to relieve pain caused by external hemorrhoids well, but should be aware in advance:

  • must be 100% your diagnosis "external hemorrhoids" safe. Anal and rectal carcinomas can perfectly mimic the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  • Behind a supposed haemorrhoids also infectious diseases can hide that you then pass on to your sexual partner.
  • Get medical check and confirm that you are indeed suffering from a "harmless" Hämorrhoidalproblem. Even Asked misdiagnosis can have fatal consequences.
  • The "gentle" naturopathic methods may have side effects and contraindications and do not have to be well tolerated by all patients equally.
  • With naturopathic preparations for local therapy and you can trigger allergies by too uncritical use severe skin damage.
  • If your symptoms do not improve under a naturopathic treatment within 1-2 weeks, or even increase: Cancel the treatment and seek medical advice.

Alternative Medicine in proctology

The correct application of the preparations should bring within 2-3 days relief. Before applying please read the leaflet carefully. The dosage recommendations are taken from the manufacturer's specifications:

  • Oral You can get Buckeye preparations. The active ingredient in horse chestnut aescin has a cortisone-like effect, but without leading to the cortisone typical side effects. He brings piles decongestants by tones the blood vessels, reduces inflammation and provides you with so subjective relief. Example: Reparil 40 Madaus dragees.
  • For local treatment in ointment or suppository form, you can rely on the reliable operation of the Virginian witch hazel. Your ingredients astringent, anti-inflammatory and locally also haemostatic. Astringent is, injured and oozing mucosal contracts and wounds are sealed by a protective layer. The preparations are as effective as corticoids, so you can get a quick relief in acute cases. Example: Hametum-N Hämorrhoidalzäpfchen, Posterine suppositories / ointment.
  • Arnica, you should always have at home as a "first aid herb". Arnica has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic. The tincture please apply only externally in the form of envelopes. The highly concentrated tincture is not "pure" applied, but used to prepare a solution with water. Please observe the preparation instructions on the package insert, or else face skin damage! Example: arnica Hettrich.
  • After the arnica envelopes You can additionally apply a hametumhaltige ointment.
  • The buds of aspen contain substances applied topically as an ointment for external hemorrhoid inflammation, itching soothing effect and soothing effect on the mucous membrane. However, you will hardly still be purchased through a pharmacy, as these so-called. Populussalbe is almost completely forgotten. But you can easily establish itself: 100g fresh poplar buds pounded in a mortar, filled with 250ml of olive oil in a clean glass that you keep in a warm place and shake occasionally. Thereafter, the oil heat with buds in a water bath 15 minutes - do not boil - and then filter out (eg through a coffee filter). In the still warm oil Melt 25g beeswax, pour into clean ointment tubes, cool and dry. The ointment should applied 2-3 times a day, possibly used as a template ointment with a cotton cloth.
  • Obtain a camomile concentrate from the pharmacy. In acute inflammatory hemorrhoids sitz baths help, you should perform several times a day for several minutes. Example: Kamillosan concentrate.
  • Is it came as a result of external hemorrhoids already for inflammation of the surrounding anal skin, you should use envelopes or sitz baths with oak bark mixture. Oak bark acts fabric compacting, astringent, itching-relieving and anti-inflammatory. Example: Quercus Essence.

Solid, well-tried, naturopathic methods work well to relieve discomfort. However, you will not be able to bring external hemorrhoids exclusively naturopathic base permanently to heal.

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