Eyebrow - Here's how

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Eyebrow - Here's how

Dye your eyebrows for an expressive look.

How do you dye your eyebrows properly

  1. Obtain in the drugstore a eyelash and Augenbrauenfarbenset. This gives it for less money than buying complete set in different colors. This set contains everything: eyelash and eyebrow tints, Augenbrauenkämmchen, fixing and eyelash leaves.
  2. Now clean your eyebrows thoroughly. Everything has to be removed, old makeup residues, for example. Make sure that the makeup remover is not fat, because otherwise not consider the color as long.
  3. Now enter some solution on a cotton swab and rub the first eyebrow thus a. Make sure that you reap even where later also the color to be visible.
  4. Now enter a little eyelashes on a small plastic pad or use for the containment vessel of Färbeutensilien. Dip a cotton swab into second color and emphasize about your, previously painted with solution eyebrow.
  5. Make then immediately wet towelette and wipe the excess paint off again. It is important that you take this step right after, or you will not get off the excess paint and then might have to end up dark eyebrows.
  6. Proceed now to the second eyebrow just as with the first eyebrow. If you would start both eyebrows at the same time, the outcome could be worse. If the colors have remained also at undesirable locations stick, you can easily be removed with a damp towelette or cleaning pad, just rub a little on the discolored spot.
  7. Creams for completion of both eyebrows your skin to the dye sites well with skin cream and let well move the cream. This skin regains an intact skin barrier.
  8. You can also make as described in this video to eyebrow dyeing it, however, but the process takes a bit longer. You need to mix the color and the solution in advance, and as Vaseline was rubbed in the video before the ink adheres worse. It is better to protect the surrounding skin, apply the Vaseline just above or below the eyebrows would.

Eyebrows are a necessary feature of beauty

  • Even if you are a very light type, you should not shy away from darker eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows give your face a particular expression. You can choose yes under different colors. Try it with blond eyebrows first one with various shades of brown. The longer you let the color, the darker the result. Allow the paint so do not act too long at your first try. You can even let the process wiederholen.Schwarze eyebrows brighten difficult, here the outcome could be unsatisfactory.
  • Not only for beauty purposes, it may be useful to dye their eyebrows. People who have lost through illness, medications or therapies your eyebrows, can easily compensate for the existing deficit. However, it is advisable to leave here make the dyeing process by a beautician.
  • Dyeing refers not only to color. Today, there are already several ways to dye his eyebrows. Think. Also known as permanent make-up, which is expensive, but it holds at least five years
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