Eyebrow shaping without pain - how it works

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Eyebrow shaping without pain - how it works

Beautifully curved eyebrows are feasible.

One first: The more you pluck your eyebrows, the less sensitive is the region above the eyes and take the tweet hardly notice. However, if you always have fear of pain, can be facilitated with the right technique and a few tricks plucking. To be the procedure by without pain.

Eyebrow shaping - that is what matters

  • You often need to tear out a lot less hair than you think. Before you begin, you should therefore look in detail at the optimum shape of the eyebrows and pluck it.
  • The brighter the light conditions, the more successful the plucking of the eyebrows. Most suitable is a mirror in front of the window.
  • Are you farsighted, and must therefore wear glasses, you should use a magnifying mirror, because when plucking eyebrows disturbs a patch spectacle immensely and unaided you can not see exactly where you need to pluck.
  • Make sure that the tweezers working properly. This means that it encloses the hair firmly and without slipping, coming away. If this is not the case, you must repeat the procedure more often and your skin is unnecessary strain. therefore Bent tweezers belong in the garbage.

To reduce pain during plucking

  • If the pores of the skin open, her eyebrows be pulled out easily. therefore Pluck preferably for a sauna or after a shower, because then the facial skin is softer and the pores are slightly open.
  • Stretch the skin around the hair to plucking around slightly, and pull it with a rapid flick of the skin.
  • To easy to numb the skin, you can add a few seconds to rub an ice cube over the eyebrows. The cold makes the skin less sensitive.
  • Do you want to not play with ice cubes, you can get help from the pharmacy. Obtain a baby ointment that helps teething Kleine against the pain. In order to cause worry a slight numbness.

After several months, you should try every now and again, if you endure the plucking without numbing action, because the sensitivity can with time normally.

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