Eyelash tinting: Harmful or harmless? - Notes

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Eyelash tinting: Harmful or harmless?  - Notes

Beautiful dark eyelashes accentuate your eyes.

You want beautiful and dark eyelashes?

Beautify your eyelashes

Perhaps you know the situation: you have carefully mascara your lashes, but you are disappointed with the results - the little hairs are glued.

  • Especially in the morning when you're in a hurry, the inks of the eyelashes can often take unnecessary amount of time to complete. Especially women who have naturally very bright eyelashes, often resent the daily procedure.
  • Even with experienced women, the result turns out not always perfect - the mascara can not often serated easily. The result looks then more "brittle" or smudged mascara.
  • Often there is only one thing: abschminken and start over. A time-consuming ordeal. In addition, the permanent mascara the eyelashes can be detrimental to the small eyes hairs - they can break.
  • An alternative to this morning nuisance could offer dyeing eyelashes. With a special color, which must be applied professionally, that is not as complicated as you might think.

If the dyeing harmful?

No, if you are using a specially suitable for eyelash color, you need not to worry: The dyeing is not harmful.

  • In "Self-directed" should your lashes but only color if you really know exactly what you have to do. If you are unsure, look better a barber or beauty salon on. Finally, you want to still get a good result and get no color in your eyes.
  • Hairdresser and beautician know exactly how they have to proceed so that the dyeing achieved and is not harmful to the eyes and eyelashes. So your lower eyelids have to be prepared for example, by carefully applying lotion. marked with cream cotton pads must be placed before applying the paint under your lashes.
  • Look, alone would hardly this company to create. If you have a clever friend who - as regards the coloring of the eyelashes - a "basic knowledge" has, then you can try it at home of course. All you need to dye your lashes, you get the barber trade.

Dyeing of eyelashes is not harmful. It is important that an appropriate color used (and professionally applied) is. The exposure time of the color is the way around ten minutes.

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