Facebook: Break Friendship - how it works

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Facebook: Break Friendship - how it works

Facebook connects the world.

How to terminate a friendship on Facebook

On the Internet can be, inter alia, on social platforms such as Facebook close wildfire new friendships. but that this can only be short-lived phenomenon quite evident at the latest when you see, for example, how little you have in common with the contact or if you do not cope with such a specific character of the person. Here can be remedied by the Facebook contact speak terminate the friendship. This can be done in a few steps.

  1. Log in first, as already used in your Facebook account by entering your relevant access in the appropriate text boxes.
  2. To terminate a friendship, you have to open your own profile page. Click to the upper blue bar on the "Profile".
  3. Under your Facebook profile picture you see now among others the category "Friends". Select this.
  4. Now you should right "edit friends" on the button with the pencil icon and click the label, so that you can end the friendship in the final stages.
  5. About the left button, you must select the option "All Friends", so you can display the full list of friendships, in which also provide the person is that you do not want to be longer friends.
  6. You can now click on the right of each contact on the X and the confirmatory select "Remove as friend" of the person terminate the friendship.
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