Facebook: Comment button is missing - what to do?

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Facebook: Comment button is missing - what to do?

No Comment option may be intended Gerd_Altmann / Pixelio

General information on the Comment button on Facebook

  • There used to Facebook a blue highlighted button, the Comment button. This has served to that one could comment on photos or status messages, etc. of other users or Facebook friends.
  • The button has Facebook now abolished and the normal word "Comment" is replaced (in blue).

If the Comment option is missing - Reasons

It may be that in pictures, status messages, links, etc. other Facebook users the Comment option is entirely missing.

  • This may be because you are not friends with the person and therefore their profile can not only see fully.
  • Another reason could be that you are indeed a friend of the person on Facebook, has made this but specific settings in their profile that some Facebook users can not comment on any or all entries.
  • In this case it may be, for example, that although you can see that other people have commented on a particular thing, but you can not do that.

To leave comments on Facebook

  • You can comment on the regular Comment option, by clicking on them. It opens a small box where you can write your comment.
  • This new Comment option allows Facebook users now beyond also comments in retrospect to change, which was not possible previously.
  • You can also write directly in the input field for comments without übehaupt clicking on "Comment".
  • Send the comment simply by pressing the Enter key.
  • If the option to comment fully on certain items missing from you on Facebook, you might talk time with the person whose profile or messages it relates and find out whether the option is intentionally unavailable to you or if perhaps the other user has inadvertently changed something to his profile settings.
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