Facebook group: Invite all - how it works

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Facebook group: Invite all - how it works

Today friends are easily accessible.

Benefits by inviting a group on Facebook

  • The invitations are sent quickly.
  • No paperwork to falls and elaborate crafting Invites deleted.
  • The responses of the guests are immediately visible after their confirmation.
  • The other guests know who is invited and who actually attended the event.
  • Changes to the event can be immediately passed on to all.

establish self a group and invite all

  1. Log in to the Facebook home page with an email address and password. Now you are on your personal home page.
  2. In the left column, under your name, you will find different categories such as: favorites, groups, lists, applications, etc., click here among groups "Create Group" link.
  3. Ready to open a window where you can give the group a name.
  4. Below, enter the names of those who you want to invite to the group.
  5. After the people have confirmed the invitation to membership, you can send these invitations for various events.

create event and invite all of a group

  1. Log in to the Facebook home page with an email address and password. You are now on the personal home page.
  2. On the right side up, under your name, you will also find several categories. Then click "Create Event" link.
  3. Immediately, a window opens, where you can give the event a name.
  4. Now enter the details of the event (place, date, time) in the fields provided.
  5. Next, click on the "Select Guest".
  6. It reopens a window with several options, allowing you to invite guests to various criteria.
  7. Here you now click on the blue button "Search by Name", a column appears in which all friends and acquaintances are sorted into different groups.
  8. Now you just need to select the preferred group by clicking.
  9. In the new window, confirm all group members, possibly'll add a personal message and close by clicking on "Save and Close".
  10. Now you can select even if the event should publicly be visible to all or just for the group and if the guest list is shown or not.
  11. "Create Event" in Click all be invited from the group.

The manual sounds more difficult than it is in reality. Try it, you will be thrilled!

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