Facebook: Hide An album - Instructions

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Facebook: Hide An album - Instructions

Some content on Facebook can be hidden and thus are not visible to others.

Hide An entire album at Facebook

  1. First, log into your Facebook account and visit your own chronicle.
  2. Centrally located under your cover picture a button labeled "Photos". This you have to click.
  3. On the side, which has now been opened, select up "albums" from.
  4. You will now see all of your albums in Facebook listed. For albums that you can completely hide, located bottom right of the box a black gear. This lets you make the desired settings. Select "Only I," if you want to lock the entire contents for each.
  5. About "Custom", you can set certain people are allowed to see the content of the album. For all other contents of these albums are then invisible.

Sometimes it is so that you can not hide the whole album, but must make these settings for each image in the gallery. The gear is gray in this case. To hide the content, follow these steps.

hide content - Settings

  1. To do this, cut back on your history and this time choose "activity log" from.
  2. Links are several links, here you need to "Photos" and then click on "Your Photos".
  3. There now appear all your photos by month. To the right of each photo is again the icon with the little down arrow, which allows you to select the audience for these photos.
  4. Ask for all the images that you want to hide "Only I" if you want to share this with a few friends or "User-defined".

Although this expensive and complicated appear a little, as often it is on Facebook so that everything is done quickly and easily, once you know how it goes.

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