Facebook: Home is empty - you can do

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Facebook: Home is empty - you can do

Solutions with an empty Facebook home

The simplest solution to resolve an empty Facebook page is to reload the page. But sometimes this is not enough to eliminate the error.

Cach blank if Home is faulty

  1. If you are new with "F5" load the Facebook page and the home page still is blank, so you should close the Web page and open about the browser menu, "Internet Settings", which are usually under "Tools".
  2. You will find both the cookie settings as well as for the Cach. Select both by checking the boxes accordingly, and select "Delete." Then restart the browser.
  3. Look at the website of Facebook. Since the page is no longer out of the memory (Cach) can be loaded, it must be its contents reupholstered. This means that the home is again fully displayed with all contents.

Adjust your browser settings for Facebook

  1. To prevent the contents of the Facebook home page will be blocked and this therefore remains empty, you can make the relevant settings in your browser.
  2. First, you should check the settings of the cookies. You can do this in most browsers under "Privacy" in the "Settings". Ensure the cookies from Facebook admit, since the content may otherwise not be displayed correctly.
  3. Furthermore, it is advisable to check the settings of Java. To view the contents of the Facebook pages, you need Java. In most browsers, this can be activated without any problems.
  4. It is always recommended to update both Java and the browser at regular intervals to avoid misstatements of websites.
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