Facebook is not responding - Tips

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Facebook is not responding - Tips

Social networks do not always work.

If Facebook becomes unresponsive, can the voice in different ways. Sometimes you may see only a white screen and nothing you would otherwise appear. Sometimes invites at least the upper blue bar or there are failures in certain areas, such as the chat or messages that can not be displayed. Likewise, you may have the problem sometimes that links that you actually want, click to stop working and your account settings can not access that. Sometimes also buttons are not displayed correctly or Facebook seems to crash if you click on it. Not always you can find out what the problem is, but sometimes help some tricks to bring the social network back up and running, so that it becomes responsive.

Clear the cache, so that Facebook responds again

A simple solution that you can apply when Facebook becomes unresponsive, is emptying the history or cache. Because then the contents of the website have to be reloaded from your PC and previously caused errors have been then maybe eliminated.

  • In Firefox you manage this in the "Tools" and "Settings". Under "Advanced" you can in the index card "network" empty the offline store. In Internet Explorer, click the corresponding option under "Tools", "Internet Options" and then in "Temporary Internet Files" under "Delete Files".
  • Also, the Chrome browser offers this possibility, the "Clear Browsing Data" under "Tools" and to be found there in the menu field. Then close the browser and restart it again.
  • Similarly, it is sometimes useful, you try another browser if Facebook no longer reacts properly. If you find, for example, that the social network is working with a browser and another does not, then you know that it is not a general problem with the errors.
  • Instead, the browser has run into difficulty. This occurs especially when your browser is older; Update this so.

If a restart does not help

  • Sometimes it is not enough to delete the cache of your browser; Facebook still does not respond and you can not use the social network. One possible cause is maintenance here. That Facebook itself does updates and you can for this reason, for example, login not. So if others have the same problem, then only helps Waiting.
  • Can only the network does not use or respond decelerate to you, then you should also again start a full scan of your antivirus program. This is therefore not the standard scan, which is in any case often carried out at about a real-time protection, but a search that tests all areas of your PC and has to be started in the protection software menu. After all, can be the cause of problems on your computer sometimes uninvited malware.
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