Facebook keeps crashing - what to do?

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Facebook keeps crashing - what to do?

Many people are networked via Facebook. Gerd Altmann / Pixelio

Facebook is a social utility that offers a lot of features: You can upload photos, exchange messages, chat and more. Annoying it if Facebook ever hangs and the computer crashes consequently always is. Why is that and what you can do, read below.

Facebook keeps crashing - why is it?

  • If Facebook always crashes on your computer, it may be because that there is a general problem with Facebook. Such problems, which have to do with the network itself, are usually quickly fixed by the authorities.
  • It may be because of course that your computer is unable to cope with the very high demands of Facebook - the problem so you can fix only itself.
  • In the worst case your computer is infected with a virus - but that is rarely the case.

What can you do against Facebook crashes

  • To avoid crashing from Facebook, you should first make sure that no virus is present on your computer. Scan your drives with your virus scanner. If you have not installed the scanner (which is not recommended), make an online virus scan. The program will tell you how you can remove any viruses.
  • If no virus found on your PC, ensure that you have more memory. Delete the temporary Internet files and exit programs that run in the background.
  • If this does not help, you can really only wait, because then the problem really is probably on Facebook. Finding out you can do this by googling for current Facebook errors and updates.
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