Facebook page can not be displayed - what to do?

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Facebook page can not be displayed - what to do?

Facebook connects people.

If you use Facebook likes and regularly, you feel there safely than annoying when you want to access the page, but this can not be displayed. The causes can be very different. Here are a few points at which it may be.

If the Facebook page call fails

  • Facebook is an application that runs exclusively on the server, which means that you need to install any software. You can reach the site only on the Internet by typing the URL. Unable to display the page, you should first check your Internet connection. Just go to a different Web page. If it is loaded without problems, your internet connection is okay.
  • You need a fast internet connection and should DSL or other broadband Internet - or the UMTS network your phone - use if you want Facebook invite liquid.
  • Verify that you have installed the latest version of your Internet browser. Facebook is constantly updated, and it is possible that the page can not be displayed if your browser is out of date. You can try it with another browser, but with Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer from Windows, the application should be stable.
  • Sometimes it also helps to clear the cache of your Internet browser. In addition, Facebook requires that you permit the storage of cookies. Check this in the security settings of your Internet browser.

The page can not be displayed due to server problems

  • Can the Facebook page of several computers not be called and have friends that you have the same problem, it's up to the servers of the page. You might be serviced or there is a crash before.
  • You can only wait in this case, until the page is available again. Until then Facebook can not be used.
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