Facebook poll - delete your answer so

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Facebook poll - delete your answer so

Remove A response to a Facebook survey again

Clear response to a survey again

If you have answered to a survey of Facebook and this response would like to undo, you can do this with a few clicks.

  1. Given would only need the poll at Facebook call. Browse for, for example, your News Feed or the activity log to your profile / in Your History. Alternatively, you could also enter in the search box of Facebook friend's name or the side, as long as you still need to know the questioner.
  2. To delete your reply, you have below the answer options in "demand of" right click on the link "Simme delete". You may have to before you erase the check in your answer, if there should be a square Anklickfeld.
  3. If you were to follow the survey also, you would have the bottom right on the button "Unfollow" button.
  4. If you have yet a message below the survey in addition and these want to remove, you need to search for and then click the right of it cross symbol.

Hide Questions in Facebook

The survey function determined one of the constituents of Facebook, so you can not remove the settings on this.

  • You only have the possibility in principle to disable notifications that may be sent. Given takes over your "Account Settings" tab "Notifications" (3 entry) call and then turn in the category "questions" the unwanted alerts.
  • However, you could turn off the questions by using an extension for your browser, if you use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Under Google Chrome, you could install the free add-on Hide FB Questions. This automatically disabled after installing all the questions that you would normally see on your home page of Facebook.
  • In Mozilla Firefox you have to enlargement Feed filter even more options to choose from, your messages on Facebook to filter. After installation, you can define the settings that should not be displayed. The possibility to be faded as news about marks, accessions or profile updates. You also have the ability to hide certain areas in the Facebook sidebar with the add-on.
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