Fango massage - a guide

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Fango massage - a guide

Fango is a good preparation for a massage.

Preparation of the mud application

  • Fango is usually poured into the plates, they can be at a back massage quite apply, if only a portion to be heated, for example, the shoulder or the lumbar spine can be tailored plate.
  • Pregnant people or people with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems should apply catch Grandma Say only after medical approval.
  • In the first application, make sure that someone is near, if circulatory problems.

To apply mud on before the massage

  • The mud plate is applied evenly to the desired part of the body, when the entire back is desired, it is advisable to lay supine on mud plate supine is not desired, mud can also be applied in the prone position. Under the board a large cloth is placed, in which you can wrap yourself.
  • You should, if possible, as far undress that the mud can act directly on the skin. Lie down slowly to the mud plate, the temperature can be very high, the skin has to get used to it often.
  • In the supine position, it may be pleasant to use a roll under the knees, so it is relaxed.
  • To the body, the cloth is wrapped, as protection against cold drafts or, where appropriate, can a blanket on the legs or the body are placed.
  • The exposure time for mud is about 20-30 minutes, depending on what you can tolerate. Ask everyone who has a circulatory problems someone is safe within earshot, to assist.
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