Fashion Management: study and admission criteria

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Fashion Management: study and admission criteria

Fashion Management needs to be studied.

Admission criteria to study fashion management

  • First, it should be noted that without the general higher education, or at least the technical college no degree in Fashion Management is conceivable - at least not in Germany. Because the degree of fashion manager is quite popular and is not offered at all German universities, courses are scarce and applicants are screened through a rigorous selection process.
  • While fashion design candidates Calls on the program to give samples of their creativity, you have to deliver as an interested party for a fashion management studies no working examples. Not your creative skills make all the difference, but your clear interest in the fashion world and all around it, also you should have a basic understanding of economic links in the fashion industry.
  • Damage can also be a sense of trends and principles in analytical technology not because These kinds of knowledge for the study base can be critical, so that only needs to be built on already existing knowledge. Also negotiating skills and assertiveness are basic characteristics of a future fashion manager.
  • Because you also have to travel safely as Fashion Manager later, you should not be too attached to your home. In addition, the later basic cooperation with international partners is a good English knowledge - you can speak at least one other language, so that should be for your application for a place clearly beneficial.

Studying Fashion Manager

  • Basically working fashion and textile manager at the interface between design and production because they coordinate the two. So they know them not only with the textile and fashion industry and its trends, but know as well about the market communication. You keep an eye on the development of collection preparations, their production and marketing and the sales. Also the correct presentation of fashion items, to fall within its workspace.
  • For precisely this reason, studies in fashion management area must convey primarily a business basic knowledge, but also content directly from the fashion industry should not be missing. So the study should you prepare for product control, product procurement and you should be taught to assess material quality accurately. Here are technical lectures not uncommon within the study program. Nevertheless, form the most important areas of fashion management study fashion marketing, personnel management and accounting.
  • Wonder not therefore, if some appear on your schedule next courses on accounting and controlling in clothing technology and quality management. Also environmental management and product and Silo are compulsory subjects, besides fashion marketing, textile technology and communication teaching as well as apparel technology and fashion history.
  • Writing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis includes the study off after about 3-6 years. Since you are working internationally, a Bachelor degree is absolutely fine, because it is recognized in most countries well. Want to once take off in Germany, however, you should aim for a master's degree, because you only so prove important for a job in the domestic qualification. After your graduation you will finally be able to work for fashion companies in the brand, product or collection management area.

Just because you will be used internationally and will open up for you with a degree in Fashion Management from product managers and buyers on the sales manager or production manager at fashion label up to the employees in production companies, consultancies or shop and department store chains various locations guarantees your Course definitely a varied and quite stable future. But not underestimate the study, because just at the fine arts it is doing certainly not - much more about hard facts and numbers and formulas.

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